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Single Visit RCT

What exactly is it & what's the need for RCT?
You must have heard of Root Canal Treatment or must have been suggested the same for a tooth by your dentist. He /she must have given you a brief on account of the treatment procedure, the outcome & the prognosis. RCT is also known as endodontic treatment I.e. treatment within the tooth. RCT essentially involves cleaning of the infected pulp space by complete removal of the infected pulpal tissue and tooth filling with an inert material to preserve its functionality.

Who performs the treatment?
A specialist, that is an endodontist, is always preferred for endotherapy. An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in diagnosis and treating the problems associated with inside of the tooth.

What causes damage to the pulp?
An accident, gum disease or tooth decay can potentially damage the pulp.

How to know if the pulp is infected?
Pain is what makes you seek dental care. The tooth may ache on taking hot or cold, on biting while lying down or spontaneously in case of an inflamed pulp. Occasionally it may be noticed that there exists a drainage, swelling or abscess at the root end. A dead tooth may also be diagnosed accidently on a routine radiograph and at times it may also show absolutely no symptoms.

What is the need to undergo RCT?
Of utmost importance is to save the tooth as it will not be a self-healing process. It could cause damage to the supporting tissues as well. If the infection spreads out, ultimately it will result in early loss of the tooth.

Do we have any alternative?
If the tooth has been damaged beyond the restorable condition, then extraction is the only alternative.

How is the procedure carried out?
It is a painless procedure done under the effect of local anesthesia. The tooth is opened up by drilling a cavity in the crown. The pulp is extirpated; the pulp chamber & the root canals are cleaned of the necrotic products & bacteria. The canals are then filled up using biocompatible materials like Gutta-percha cones, a rubber-like material therby sealing the pulp space & preventing bacteria from entering the space again.

Are there any complications or risks involved?
Success rate noticed is far more than 95 percent. Some failures however may result because of lack of expertise on part of the dentist or because of unnoticed canals malformation & instrumentation or persistent resistant infection.

How many appointments does the procedure demand?
It could be completed in a single visit if all the criteria's are favorably met. Otherwise it may require 1-2 visits or might take even more visits depending upon the status of the tooth and the infection.

Is the procedure painful?
RCT is a painless procedure under adequate anesthesia but, some discomfort or pain might be felt for a few days after treatment, especially in cases where infection & pain prevailed prior to the procedure. Medications could be taken to sooth the discomfort.

Single Visit Endodontics (SVE)

Single visit Endodontics is gaining much interest these days. It is faster, well accepted & prevents recontamination of the root canal treatment between appointments. Single Visit Endodontics (SVE) refers to cleaning, shaping & disinfection of RC system followed by obturation, all carried out during the same visit.

Single Visit Endodontics is very common these days; in today's era where everyone is running after time, people find it a good bargain, it goes well with their fast-paced life style.

Advantage of Single Visit Endodontics

  • Beneficial in cases where patients don't show up to complete the RCT.
  • Saves time.
  • Patients comfort as the procedure is completed in a single appointment, reducing the number of visits.
  • Patient doesn't have to experience the discomfort caused by local anesthesia again & again.
  • Chances of bacterial recontamination are reduced by virtue of number of visits.

Single visit root canal treatment has emerged as an effective treatment modality benefiting both patient & the dentist, provided proper case selection is done & standard endodontic principles are followed.


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